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TENHO – auto-bio-psy

Once upon a time there were two individuals who had same kind of perversions. They had a weird liking towards the Finnish word ”Tenho” ('fascination', 'enchantment') and they came up with an idea of brewing their own ”Tenho-beer”. Later on this brand was attached to all kinds of different, and I mean really different, ideas and eventually the band,”Tenho”, was formed.

One of the first two perverts is now playing the drums in the band and the other became a great fan and luckily has not yet been hit. The rest of the band consists of three guys called Pellervo which is not far from the Finnish word ”Pervo” (perv) and the last guy is just a regular perv who likes to drink beer.

Cast: (in order of appearance):
Timo-Pekka Juvonen (drums, swiss army knife, woollen socks)
Matti Pellervo Peikola (lead guitar, background vocals and orals)
Markku Pellervo Peikola (vocals, keyboards, surfboards, billboards and poolboards)
Pirkka Pellervo Peikola (bass and other fishes and ducks)
Tapani Erik Tuohimaa (rhythm guitar, out-asyn-c-ajuitar, background vocals, auto-bio-psy)


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